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$96 Plan

Help You Can Afford


If you want to put together a plan for your future, learn a smart way to invest, establish a budget, or see how you are doing for retirement, you can get 1 year of help from PlanVision for $96. We work with you through video conferencing and phone meetings – you get help from a real person.  We’ll provide straightforward guidance on the simple steps you can take to improve your situation now and prepare for your future.

You’ll receive recommendations on low cost investment options from the likes of Vanguard and we can help you evaluate insurance products.  You won’t hear sales gimmicks or investment hype and we never generate income from commissions, referral fees, or assets under management charges – our only source of revenue is your $96 charge.  We’ll even refund your $96 within 60 days if you’re not satisfied. Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more about Finance Logix, our financial and retirement planning program.

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You Receive
Straightforward Ideas
Guidance from a Real Person
Investment Recommendations
A Flexible Plan
Budgeting Help
Transaction Assistance

You Don't Receive or Pay
Sales Pitches
Referral Fees
Sales Charges
Assets Under Management Fees

More Support
Ongoing Help & Guidance
Proactive Outreach
Phone/Email Availability
Videoconference Meetings
Electronic Plan Access


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