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Mark Zoril, AIF

Glad you were able to make it to the PlanVision Workshop!   Over my career I have learned an immense amount from my clients.  In fact, far more than I have learned from the financial services industry.  So I wanted to offer a place where I could share simple, straightforward  ideas and learn how regular people are planning and preparing for their future and living their retirement. (That’s me on the right.)

Putting together a financial, retirement, or investment plan, or just getting a better handle on your current financial situation should not be complicated or expensive.  You don’t need to hear industry lingo or convoluted explanations.   The Workshop offers simple steps from PlanVision to help you get closer to your goals.  

If you have any questions, send us a note.  We will respond and, with your approval, might share your question and our response in a post.  You can remain anonymous.

If you want personal guidance, check out our $96 Plan.  We’re not objective, but we think it is the best deal in financial planing.  Thanks for visiting! 

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